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Word Counter

Word Counter

Our Word Counter is an online word count tool which allows you to track the number of words in your text. Our free word counter tool assists you to strike a balance in your content documents, whether it is a word-limited writing assignment, informative blog posts or compelling yet precise social media posts.

Our tool is extremely easy to use with almost quick results and will show you the word count for the number of words and characters.

What are the features of our Word Counter tool?

background-imageWord Count

Word Count

Word count significantly influences content effectiveness, so using the Word Counter tool helps estimate it and refine it for high-quality content.

background-imageClean UI

Clean UI

Word Counter tool's clean user interface enhances efficiency and focus while creating content, making it a user-friendly option.

background-imageEasy Copy-Paste Function

Easy Copy-Paste Function

You can easily paste or drag-and-drop your text into our online word counter tool’s input box, and it will compute the word count for you right away.

background-imageData Privacy

Data Privacy

After checking word count, your content remains 100% safe and your inputs are not saved, ensuring user privacy.

How does PT’s Word Counter tool work?

The ease of utilizing our Word Counter tool cannot be emphasized less. You will instantly get a comprehensive analysis of the length of your content after copying and pasting your text into our Word Counter tool. With such accurate data, you may shape the story such that it stays inside the required bounds without sacrificing its quality or significance.

Here are the quick steps to use our Word Counter tool:

  • You can copy and paste your content into the input box, and then the Word Count Checker will run a real-time scan to count words and characters.

  • The word count and character count will be shown on the left side above the input box.

  • Writers can easily count the words and adjust the length of their content as the various writing platforms.

How can different users use the Word Counter tool?

Academic Researchers

Academic Researchers

Word count maximums are utilized in research abstracts, grant and scholarship writing to ensure that the words are drafted within the specified limits.

Job Applicants

Job Applicants

A targeted word count may be necessary for an applicant to use in their cover letters or case studies when applying for a job.

Content Creators

Content Creators

Various social media platforms have word and character limits for the content that is posted to their sites.



The word count constraint is a crucial factor in the corporate sector, especially in news, publishing, and advertising.

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers

Our word counter tool highlights content length from a communication perspective by counting words in the content.

Benefits of using our Word Counter tool?

Word count is an important and significant metric for writing, particularly in publishing, advertising, academia and legal proceedings. With our word counter tool, you will be able to determine how many words there are in your content. You can then verify whether there are a sufficient number of words or it has surpassed a specific limit.

Here is the list of benefits our word counter tool will offer you:

  1. Saves Time

  2. Once you copy your text and paste it into this tool, you get a detailed review of your content in real-time.

  3. Match Word Content

  4. Our tool’s precision performs various levels of text analysis and provides the exact word count.

  5. Increases Productivity

  6. Our word counter tool streamlines writing tasks, reduces editing time, and helps users meet word count guidelines efficiently.

  7. Easy Accessibility

  8. Our word counter tool can be easily accessible and let writers quickly check their document's word count at any time and anywhere.

How can you take advantage of our other writing tools in combination with our Word Counter tool?

  • AI Summarizer Tool

  • Our AI summarizer tool comes into play when you want to reduce the length of your content to fit into the limit. Our tool immediately compresses articles, papers or documents into significant points. By taking the help of AI’s natural language processing, it locates vital information while preserving its original context.

  • AI Paraphrasing Tool

  • Once summarizing is done, the content quality can be enhanced using our AI paraphrasing tool. It helps to articulate your words and produce content that catches hold of a writer and reader.

  • Grammar Checker

  • After paraphrasing the text, our grammar checker tool can help you identify and correct the errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, formatting and fluency in English.

  • Font Generator

  • The fonts of the write-up can be improvised using our font generator tool. Our font changer is designed to customize and enhance your text with a variety of creative fonts.

  • Readability Checker

  • Once the entire writing has been done, our readability checker tool gives results that predict the quality of writing of a document. You can refine your content based on that and increase the comprehensibility.

Explore our suite of AI writing tools for paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarzing and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our tool offers excellent accuracy. It helps in strategic planning of the content, which is necessary to make your content stand out amongst others.

Our tool examines the text on numerous levels and delivers an exact word count & character count in real time.

Yes, you can count the words as well as characters in different languages with the help of the Word Counter.

Word Counter tool is very efficient in counting the hyphenated words. It counts the hyphenated words as one-word.

Our tool secures privacy. Once you exit the platform of Word Counter tool, nothing remains stored. offers a variety of tools - Grammar Checker, Essay Checker , Summarizer Tool , Spell Checker and many more.

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