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Character Counter

Character Counter

No one likes error messages, especially,

“You have exceeded the maximum number of characters allowed”

which gets you re-editing and rephrasing text. It can be so frustrating.

One can easily express a 10-minute speech in a simple sentence or a single word. Time saved, message shared. We have to agree this is one of the reasons why there are limitations to the number of characters and words we can input on certain platforms, even in SMS.

Character Counter is an online tool that lets you optimize the texts and content of your website or social networks. It allows users to count the number of characters and words in a text. It’s typically free and easy to use.

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How our Character Counter Tool works?

When making a post on X, LinkedIn, or Instagram, it is smart to check your character count online to avoid error messages while ensuring readability and preserving the intended message. Our character counter is a web-based tool so no installation is required to get started. It is compatible with various devices including cell phones, laptops, and personal computers

Character Counter counts letters, words, symbols, spaces, and other special characters. Its user-friendly interface makes it convenient and suitable for all users. You can quickly check your character count online in a few steps!

  • Write or paste the content you want to compare into the input boxes.
  • Click the "Check Diff" button for the Tool to analyze text content, identifying discrepancies and comparing characters, words, sentences.
  • AI Difference Checker Tool visually identifies text differences using color-coded markers or underlining.
  • Our tool enables sharing comparison results for collaboration, feedback, and analysis.

Features of Character Counter Online

Various components contribute to the operation of a character counter. These components help ensure accurate results. Below are some of the outstanding features of our Character Counter Online tool:

Free access

Count Characters

It effectively calculates and displays the number of characters present in a text.

Free access

Easy and Friendly Interface

Our user interface of the Character Counter tool is intuitive and easy to use.

Free access

Drag & Drop Interface


drag and drop

feature allows users to grab text from anywhere and place it in the text area.

Free access

Responsive Tool

It adapts to a wide range of devices with different features including size and screen type.

Free access

Free Usage

Case Converter Online tool is completely free to use directly on a webpage at

How different users can use our Character Counter Tool?

Our Character Converter tool is accessible to anyone. Whether you are a student trying to meet a character limit in essays or a professional looking to improve readability and clarity, here are ways some of our users are using the tool:

News Editors

News Editors

Craft compelling headlines within character limits effortlessly.

CV Experts

CV Experts

Create resumes that align with character constraints for optimal impact.

SEO Professionals

SEO Professionals

Double-check meta descriptions and title tag length to enhance search engine visibility.

HR Professionals

HR Professionals

Calculate character count online to improve readability in job postings and company and public-related content.

Email Marketers

Email Marketers

Ensure concise email content that will engage and not bore your readers, to increase click rates and conversion.

Video Producers

Video Producers

Achieve effective storytelling with straightforward captions and scripts.

Strategies to Enhance Your Experience with Character Count Checker Tool


Verify Character Count Post-Editing

Run text through the character counter again after revising to ensure your changes haven't exceeded the desired limit.


Monitor Formatting and Space Usage

Keep an eye on how formatting choices and spaces affect your overall character count, as they can add up quickly.


Be Cognizant of Punctuation Impact

Note that every punctuation mark counts towards your character limit, so use them judiciously.


Choose Words Deliberately

Choose your words strategically to convey a message within the character constraints without sacrificing clarity or impact.


Utilize Active Voice

Whenever possible, use active voice to make your writing more direct and dynamic, often reducing the number of characters needed.


Beyond Writing Task

Remember that the character count checker isn’t just for writing; use it for crafting concise text in coding, data entry, and other non-writing-related tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Language is not a barrier when using our Character Counter tool. It is designed to accept texts in different languages without compromising accuracy. You can also use our Language Detector tool to identify languages in your text.

No, our Character Counter Tool doesn’t limit the amount of text input and checks. Whether it is a text, a paragraph, or a full document, our Character Counter tool counts the number of characters present in seconds.

Our tool is compatible with different browsers including Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. You can easily start using the tool by opening our Character Counter tool on a webpage on any browser.

Simply place your cursor in the Character Counter text space and press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste or right-click and choose the paste option.

No! Character Counter supports repeated usage. Users can check the number of characters in the same or different text over and over again. also offers other advanced writing tools that help streamline tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. Check out some of the tools here: Case Converter, Image–to-text converter, Sentence counter, and Readability Checker.

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