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Copying text from an image can be very cumbersome. This is due to the amount of detail and precision required to carry it out. The process involves typing out the content of an image, such as a scan or photograph, into an editable text format that can be easily read, edited, or shared.

To avoid writing errors while copying, one must put in a high level of concentration and attention to detail which is stressful and time-consuming. Fortunately, today tools like the Image Text Converter can facilitate this task quickly.

Image to Text by is an online tool which uses optical character recognition (OCR) online to quickly convert image text into editable text helping you save time and effort.

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Photographers, Graphic Designers & Content Writers

⚡ Technology

Advance OCR Technology

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Converts any images into editable text

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Completely Free of Cost

Features of Our Image Text to Text Converter

Explore the convenience of converting images to editable text with our Image to Text converter tool. Here are some of the standout features that make it the best option for everyone:

Free access

OCR Technology

The Image to Text tool uses optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to automatically scan and transcribe images.

Free access

Drag and Drop Images

It allows users to upload images easily by simply dragging the image into the Image to Text converter tool.

Free access

Quality Results

It carefully extracts text in detail from images and returns editable plain text without error.

Free access

Friendly Interface

Our picture to words converter offers an adaptable interface for easy navigation on many devices.

Free access

Various File Supports

Support various image file formats including tiff, jpeg, png, tiff, BMP, jfif, and pdf.

Free access

Advanced AI Technology

Image text to text converter tool automatically extracts text from images using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Free access

Secure & Free

Uploaded images and extracted text are automatically deleted. Using the tool is free; a highly secure and cost-effective choice.

How our Image Text to Text Converter tool works?

Image to Text on uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI technology to scan and transform pictures into editable, searchable text. The tool is a boon for students, researchers, and professionals dealing with image-based data and needing efficient picture to text translations.

Image to text tool maintains the original formatting in the image as far as possible to help lessen your post-conversion editing process

The tool is free and its interface is far from complicated, it is understandable and easy to use directly online by visiting the Image-to-text webpage.

  • First, drag and drop or upload your image by clicking the “upload images” button. You can upload as many images as you want at once.
  • Image to Text scans the images, extracts image text, and provides you with editable text that is accurate and shareable.
  • Easily copy the text by clicking the “copy-text symbol” on the too

Image Text to Text Converter tool: How different users Can use the tool?

Our Image to text tool is the ideal OCR reader online for anyone looking to extract text from images fast, at no cost at all. Here are ways to get the most out of the tool:

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

Transform image texts into text for use in magazines or other textual designs.

Content Writers

Content Writers

Extract important data and information like quotes and captions, for easy refinement or use in posts or articles.

News Editors

News Editors

Digitize text from images with the Image to text converter tool for easy assessment and editing.

SEO Experts

SEO Experts

Extract keywords and important information from images to make them searchable online.

Data Entry Experts

Data Entry Experts

Save time and stress of typing by extracting data swiftly and conveniently with our picture to text converter.



Convert pictures to text in editable formats for easy copying, pasting, and translating.

Benefits of Our Image to Text tool

From simplifying workloads to saving hours of hard work, and helping you focus, here are some of the most loved benefits of our effective OCR reader online:


Ease Conversion

Allows users to automatically convert image texts into editable text without stress.



Image to Text saves time by ensuring correctness while extracting text from pictures to minimize post-conversion editing.


Enhance Efficiency

Helps to increase efficiency and productivity by letting you focus on other tasks while transforming your pictures into text.


Accessible Anywhere

With its intuitive interface and direct web access, our picture to text converter tool is available for use on any device, wherever you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is currently no file size limit for the images users can upload on the tool. You can upload as many images as you want and extract all text at once.

Converting pictures to text with an Image to Text converter is a breeze. Once your image has been uploaded, the tools swiftly scan and extract an editable and shareable version of the image text.

Yes, the extracted text is editable and can be copied and pasted anywhere. Our Image to text tool helps you to preserve the text format as it was in the image to minimize editing.

This tool identifies and accepts any type of font and layout. However, results are given in plain readable text.

No. Our picture to text converter doesn’t store any uploaded images. We take your privacy seriously so you can get started with the tool with no worries at all.

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