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Typing is a crucial skill in today's digital age, requiring proficiency from both professionals and students. It involves accuracy beyond keystrokes. To improve typing speed and efficiency, consider using a Typing Test tool to gain insights into typing habits. Our AI Typing Test tool helps in enhancing efficiency and understanding typing habits.

Features of Our AI Typing Test Tool

With an interactive application, our Typing Test tool allows users to take an online typing exam. Let’s take a look at its features.

background-imageEvaluate Typing Speed

Evaluate Typing Speed

This words per minute typing test considers characters, spaces and punctuation marks to gauge speed.

background-imageCheck Typing Accuracy

Check Typing Accuracy

The accuracy of the text typed to check typing speed is reflected in percentage.

background-imageRefine Typing Skill

Refine Typing Skill

This WPM speed test tool allows you to undertake typing practice with different typing exams.

background-imageUser-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

This English typing test tool highlights incorrect characters in red and this facilitates improvement.

How Does Our Typing Test Tool Work?

Let’s learn how our Typing Test tool works accurately.

  • This Typing Test measures typing speed in words per minute through a formula that considers the number of words you type in a period of time.

  • Once you are finished typing the available text, this online typing test tool takes into account the total number of characters, which also includes spaces, punctuation marks, and non-word characters.

  • Then, these characters are divided by 5 to get gross words per minute (GWPM).

  • Besides, this quick typing test tool counts every incorrect word as an error or mistake.

  • The number of errors is subtracted from GWPM to get net words per minute (NWPM). And, this reflects the final typing speed.

In a nutshell, our typing skills test works on this formula:
Typing speed = [(Total characters typed/5) - total errors]/time taken in minutes

How Different Users Can Use Our Typing Test Tool?

Our Typing Test tool aims at helping users with personal development and enhancing productivity. Read on to know more.

Job Interviewee

Job Interviewee

Good typing speed will help complete time-based writing tasks when appearing for a job interview.

Data Entry Team

Data Entry Team

Practicing using this typing exam tool will help in increasing accuracy while feeding data in.



Our tool will help improve transcriptionists’ typing speed because they need to type as one speaks.



They can type faster than the speech rate. This tool will enhance their efficiency further.



They can submit assignments and/or presentations without any delay if they improve their typing speed.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Typing Test Tool?

Our Typing Test prepares you to type accurately with speed, boosting productivity.

  1. Typing Skill Development

  2. Good typing speed is not only necessary for professional growth but personal too.

  3. Saves Time

  4. Typing with accuracy saves a lot of time that otherwise goes into fixing errors.

  5. Increased Productivity

  6. Good typing speed and high accuracy rate help focus on what the original task is.

  7. Convenient

  8. Our tool lets users practice as much as they want by retyping the same text or resetting it.

Which Metrics Does Our Typing Test Tool Measure?

Our Typing Test is a straightforward WPM checker tool. Once you type the given text or passage, our free typing test tool records your performance and then evaluates your results. The results include the following:

  • Typing Speed (WPM)

  • Our tool gives you an idea of your typing speed in word per minute.

  • Accuracy Rate

  • While you can fix the error as you are typing the word, typing it accurately in one go saves you time.

  • Correct Characters

  • This typing exam tool reflects the number of keystrokes that were performed correctly.

  • Errors in Characters

  • They are highlighted in red and include wrong spellings, spaces or punctuation marks. This helps you gauge the repetitive errors to improve muscle memory.

  • Time Span

  • You can track the total time it took you to complete the typing exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our tool offers excellent accuracy. It helps in strategic planning of the content, which is necessary to make your content stand out amongst others.

Our tool examines the text on numerous levels and delivers an exact word count & character count in real time.

Yes, you can count the words as well as characters in different languages with the help of the Word Counter.

Word Counter tool is very efficient in counting the hyphenated words. It counts the hyphenated words as one-word.

Our tool secures privacy. Once you exit the platform of Word Counter tool, nothing remains stored. offers a variety of tools - Grammar Checker, Essay Checker , Summarizer Tool , Spell Checker and many more.

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